500 Series Modules

For me, the Iridium steals the show, with the beautiful, effortless elegance to its sound. If you’re in the market for a 500-series EQ, then I’d heartily recommend checking out these modules.

Matt Houghton, Sound on Sound magazine, January 2023

I received the Iridiums and have been trying them out for almost two weeks. They sound amazing. Really, really great sound. I’m so impressed with how easily they can energize a sound without sounding like anything drastic was done to it. Of course the top and bottom end boosts sound great, but one thing that surprised me is that midrange cuts seem to sound particularly good with this EQ.

I don’t know what it is–maybe I’m imagining it! But I feel like I can tame whatever is honking in the mids and everything still sounds nice, and not like I just killed the presence of the sound.

Thank you for a really great EQ! I will be keeping an eye on your future designs.

Phil, Chicago, March 2022

500 Series Modules

Carbon 500

£515.00 inc. VAT

4-band Capacitive Equaliser Your basic building block

500 Series Modules

Iridium 500

£599.00 inc. VAT

4-band Inductive Equaliser

500 Series Modules

Helium 500

£685.00 inc. VAT

4-band Hybrid Equaliser