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Cycling '74


£449.00£4,500.00 inc. VAT

Bundle of Max & RNBO

500 Series Modules

Helium 500

£750.00 inc. VAT

4-band Hybrid Equaliser

500 Series Modules

Carbon 500

£615.00 inc. VAT

4-band Capacitive Equaliser Your basic building block

500 Series Modules

Iridium 500

£720.00 inc. VAT

4-band Inductive Equaliser

Interphase Audio

Interphase NDUCR

£2,350.00 inc. VAT

4-band inductive EQ

£179.00 inc. VAT

Dual-Stage Digital Compression Powered by Machine Learning

Cycling '74


£189.00£1,950.00 inc. VAT

Patching environment for Max

£449.00 inc. VAT

The Professional Standard for Pitch Correction


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