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FL STUDIO 21.1 | What’s New?

Introducing faster and more creative note editing with scale snapping and custom note tools in the Piano roll. Colored waveforms for better sample management. An extreme chorus plugin, ‘Hyper Chorus’, AI Declipper in Edison and much more. All because we love your Lifetime Free Updates!


Colored waveforms – General settings option to color code frequency content in audio waveforms. This applies to the Browser, Playlist, Sampler Channel etc.

MIDI Control – New ‘External sync’ mode & improved MIDI master clock stability. This allows FL Studio to ‘slave’ to an external MIDI Clock so that it plays in time to an external MIDI clock source.

Automated updates – Option to automatically download FL Studio updates and apply them at the next restart.

Snap to Scale – Piano roll option to snap notes to the selected scale on placement or movement. See the note icon on the toolbar.

Menu > Tools > Script – Scripts are Python based that allows custom manipulation of Piano roll data. There are several pre-made scripts or you can write your own. Scripting also includes automatic user interface creation. See the Piano roll scripting forum to share and discuss Scripts.

Hyper Chorus – Extreme chorus FX plugin, included with Producer Edition and up.

Edison Declipper – New and improved AI-based declipping tool. Can restore recordings that have been clipped due to level issues.

SliceX – Now resizable by dragging the lower-right corner.

Full list of changes since 21.0.3: Complete Change Log

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Digital Version Only – code sent via email All available features and Native Plug-Ins

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FL Studio Signature Bundle for Students/Teachers

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FL Studio Producer is a complete software music production environment

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